Nate is a one of a kind guy that truly lives out the practices that he teaches. So he not only speaks to the truths of the soul, but he knows them intimately from his own life and has lived them, and there is no greater knowledge than that. 

​- L

Courage is not a lack of fear. Courage is making powerful moves despite fear.

Maybe it's time to make a bold move. Let's talk.

What are people saying about Dr. Nate's coaching?

My life was on the brink. I'd tried everything and was truly on the precipice of completely giving up. Nate came along and truly provided the miracle that I'd been praying for, and that was by lifting the veil from my own eyes and seeing myself and the world and others like I'd never seen before. My life will never be the same. 

- H

I can describe Dr. Nate Dallas in three words: Heart Of Gold! I have never met someone who loves so genuinely and cares so deeply about the well being of his fellow man. He is passionate about helping others live their best life. His unique outlook on life and his radiant personality are just the tip of the iceberg. This deep man has so much to offer and has been an absolute answer to prayer for me and my entire family.   


- D 

Dr. Nate has helped me immensely, and has become a close friend. He has a practical approach to life, and is very easy to open up to. He holds some of my darkest secrets, and has continuously provided me with sound advice and mentorship. Dr. Nate has always had a heart for helping others, and has put in a tremendous amount of time, energy, and devotion into this field of study. This is his true passion and his calling in life. He played a huge role in saving my life.   

​- V 

In just a few easy conversations and one powerful exercise, Dr. Nate had me operating on a different level. He helped me realize the mental blocks and restrictions that I was putting on myself, which prevented me from achieving optimal life. Today, I live life with more passion and drive. I have purpose, and no longer worry about the fears that once held me back. - This message comes with a warning: Dr. Nate operates on a different frequency than he rest of us. If you want that for your life, I suggest you have a conversation with him, but be warned, it's highly contagious.

- C 

Nate is uniquely qualified as a life coach in that he not only guides the process of profound self transformation, but he encourages and walks this path by your side every step of the way. He tells you what is gonna happen before it happens which is immensely empowering in this massive perspective shift. As your world starts to shift, he is there to guide, comfort, encourage, or whatever the need may be for you to get the most out of this process. He gives his all and walks through the journey as if he's going through it with you. And in this massive change that can seriously change your world, the comfort of going through this with Nate is the only way I could have persevered to the end. Now as my life has shifted towards my full self and full life, I will be forever indebted and grateful to Nate.


Losing my husband two years ago left me alone and scared. I was in survival mode, suppressing compounding events that had taken place over a ten year period. I put on 30 additional pounds to my already overweight frame, and was considering gastric surgery. One conversation with Dr. Nate changed my entire life. He is passionate about helping others, and about establishing a strong "why" before teaching the "how." I am blessed to have such an amazing soul help me get clarity and healing so I could reach my full potential. Dr. Nate is the quintessential tutor on motivation and self-preservation.   

- N 

How it works:

The first session is a "Get to know you" phone conversation. This consult is typically 30-60 minutes and costs $60. 

The next step is a 4 session therapy commitment involving one-on-one (weekly or every 2 weeks) phone conversations with Dr. Nate. The 4-session package is $540.

More sessions may be arranged depending on your needs and preferences, but rarely do you need more than four to find your BREAKTHROUGH.     

Invoices are billed through Paypal.

There are currently no open spots for personal coaching.

Nate is a board certified coach in Strategic Intervention Therapy. Certification was received through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, the official training school of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. 


If you are ready to:

Take your life to the next level 

Create a lasting breakthrough

Escape depression and anxiety forever

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Experience healing

Become a better and more powerful you.​..

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