Play It Away

by Charlie Cowen


Why We Sleep

by Matthew Walker


Comedians in Cars Series

Available on Netflix

Malcolm Gladwell

Teaches Writing


Thomas Merton (audible) 

 on 12 Degrees of Humility


Abstract Series

Available on Netflix

12 Rules for Life

by Jordan Peterson


The Road to Character

by David Brooks



​by Sebastian Junger *****

10% Happier

by Dan Harris



by Dan Lyons


Worth a Watch

Poverty Inc.

Available on Netflix

Own the Day

by Aubrey Marcus


Check out the Toy Box on ABC. In the season 2 premiere, my apprentice entrepreneur in residence gets his first big shot, competing with other inventors for a life changing contract with the biggest toy company in the world. His product, Soldier Ball is a big hit!

See it here. 

Masterclass Enrollment

Steve Martin

​Teaches Comedy


The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday



by Tony Robbins



Available on Netflix

Current Reading List 

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Talent Is Overrated

​by Geoff Colvin